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Modular Synthesis and Programming


In organic synthesis, the concept of modularity has been widely utilized to promote the synthesis of diverse natural products with complicated structures. By assembling various building blocks in sequences, stepwise synthesis of molecular compounds based on covalent bonds can be achieved. Liang demonstrated that the conceptual scope of organic total synthesis can be expanded into framework materials such as covalent organic frameworks (COFs) and MOFs, leading to the formation of varying composites including MOF-on-MOF, COF-on-MOF, MOF-on-polymer and COF-on-polymer composites. These examples indicate the generality of modular synthesis in the integration of multiple modules based on various bond types. In addition, multiple components within an integrated system can be modified into functionalized modules independently, under the guidance of modular programming. The multiple components in the integrated system are expected to work coordinately to complete diverse complex tasks, including delivery, movement, transformation, and response.






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