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Department of Chemistry

Northwestern University

2145 Sheridan Road

Evanston, IL, USA 60208-3113



Liang Feng obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Texas A&M University under the supervision of Prof. Hong-Cai Joe Zhou in 2020. During graduate studies, he utilized lability to master hierarchical architectures of porous materials, including metal-organic frameworks and porous polymers, for catalytic applications, gas separation, carbon capture, and conversion. Currently, Liang is exploring the frontier of non-equilibrium materials and their energy applications as a Foresight Fellow working with Prof. Fraser Stoddart at Northwestern University, where he discovered the first fundamentally new mode of adsorption since the 1930s. This game-changing discovery reshapes how scientists think of methane and hydrogen storage, carbon capture, and water remediation in an active non-equilibrium manner. His research accomplishments have been recognized with many awards, including a Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree, the MRS Postdoctoral Award, the IAS Award for Excellence in Publications, the Dream Chemistry Award Top 5, the Foresight Institute Distinguished Student Award, an ACS PMSE Future Faculty Scholarship, a Nanotechnology Young Researcher Award, an ACS COLL Victor K. LaMer Award Finalist, an Elsevier Reaxys PhD Prize Finalist, an MRS Graduate Student Award, a World Laureates Forum Young Investigator, a Northwestern University Postdoc of the Month, the Texas A&M AFS Distinguished Graduate Student Award, etc. Liang’s leadership and enthusiasm for the broader impacts of chemical research are evident from his role as a DOE Early Career Network Representative, a CAS Future Leader, an ACS Younger Chemist Leadership Development Awardee, and a co-organizer of many diversity and career activities in energy science.

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